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The Graduate Association of School Psychology (GASP) was established at Illinois State for school psychology trainees. Each year, GASP members participate in:

GASP trainees may contact Dr. Brea Banks (faculty advisor) if they have questions about GASP.

GASP Officers for 2018-19

President - Stephanie AuBuchon
Vice President - Jessica Foley
Secretary - Casey Grage
Treasurer - Kristina Medema
Social Events - Margaret Christie
Historian - Alexandra Horton
2nd Year Specialist Student Representative - Patricia Charczuk
2nd Year Doctoral Student Representative - Kara Cicciarelli
3rd Year Representative - Heather Calkins
Advanced Doctoral Student Representative - Danielle Gieschen
NASP Representative - Lizzie Deutsch
APA Division 16 Representative - Kelsey Atteberry
ISPA Representative - Samantha Fillmore
ISPA Intern Representative - Emily Hellmann

GASP Constitution