Peer Mentorship Program

The goal of our peer mentorship program is to help foster a sense of community and support the success of all students in the department, including first-generation students and students from marginalized groups. Given the Department of Psychology’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and safe environments, we envision a diverse group of mentors and mentees along with training rooted in anti-racism and social justice. Peer mentors enroll in a 1-credit peer mentorship course (PSY 282 Peer Mentoring Preparation), which is required for first-time mentors. The 8-week course includes readings, guidance, and reflection opportunities regarding how to be a supportive mentor and highlights resources helpful for students. In subsequent semester(s), mentors enroll in the out of class peer mentorship experience  PSY 292 Peer Mentorship in Psychology. Each peer mentor has a faculty supervisor. Together, they complete a contract form (insert contract link here) prior to being granted an override for registration.

The role of peer mentors is to:

Specifically, the department has agreed that, through the peer mentoring program, students will acquire the following learning objectives: