Black Student Psychology Association

The purpose of the Black Student Psychology Association is to create networking opportunities, aid in professional development, connect students to different resources on and off campus and provide a space for Black students to experience community within the Department of Psychology. BSPA hopes to provide a safe space for students and help them succeed both inside and outside of the classroom by hosting social and educational events. Students will learn how to apply to graduate schools, create resumes/CV's, and career search. Most importantly students should expect to view BSPA as a family that supports and seeks to help them prosper in their college journey. BSPA isn’t just for Black psychology majors. It is also for Black students who are minoring in psychology, undeclared, or those who just want to learn more. For more information please send an email ( or follow one of the BSPA social media pages.

President: Yarisheia Tiggs (

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brea Banks (

Twitter: BSPA_ISU

Facebook: BSPA.ISU