Child / Adolescent Assessment Service

The Child & Adolescent Assessment Service at the Psychological Services Center (PSC) provides psychological assessment for children and adolescents who are experiencing learning and/or adjustment problems. Also, assessment and parent/school consultation services are provided for children and adolescents gifted with advanced development.

A comprehensive psychoeducational assessment typically includes the following: a parent interview to gather background developmental, social, and medical information; a school visit to observe the student in the classroom; a review of the student's school records; an interview with the classroom teacher and others who work with the student; and approximately 6-9 hours of diagnostic testing over three sessions at the PSC. Diagnostic assessment/testing determines current functioning levels in the areas of cognitive-intellectual skills, academic achievement, learning processes or how the student learns best, and social-emotional adjustment. If a hearing problem is suspected, an auditory screening can be conducted at the Illinois State University Speech and Hearing Clinic. The goal of psychoeducational assessment is always to gain information that will help answer questions of concern about a student's behavior and/or school performance.

Assessment results are interpreted to the parents and to the student, if age-appropriate, at a private conference with the psychology graduate student clinician and his or her faculty supervisor. At that time, suggestions may be made for follow-up activities such as school staffing, counseling, or consultation with school personnel. All information is kept strictly confidential; however, copies of the assessment reports can be sent to schools and physicians with written permission from a parent.

The standard evaluation fee for the school year is $500, well below fees in the private sector for the same services. Insurance benefits typically do not apply at psychology graduate student training facilities. Interest in a student assessment is most welcome and appreciated. For inquiries or to schedule an appointment, contact the PSC by email or call (309) 438-5629.

I appreciate the opportunity to consult with teachers (at a local school). It is especially gratifying to know that they appreciate it and that the teachers feel more effective in their classrooms.