Child / Adolescent Intervention Services

Two types of child and adolescent intervention services are offered at the Psychological Services Center (PSC) at Illinois State: clinic-based and classroom-based intervention.

Clinic-based intervention involves individual counseling for students with troubling behaviors or concerns. These students are referred for treatment by a parent, school representative, physician, social service agency, or as a result of an evaluation by the PSC. Depending upon the situation, counseling sessions may be conducted at the PSC or at a student's school.

Classroom-based intervention usually involves addressing a focal concern within a classroom group. Typically, topics covered are social/communication skills with classmates or compliance with teacher directions. Occasionally, there is a tragedy such as a sudden death that impacts a large number of students and is best addressed in a group setting with a health care provider. All classroom-based interventions are delivered either by a psychology graduate student clinician, a teacher together with a PSC graduate student clinician, or a teacher in consultation with a PSC graduate student clinician. To receive assistance, a school staff member initiates contact with the PSC.

The standard fee for counseling at the PSC is $30 per session. Insurance benefits typically do not apply at psychology graduate student training facilities. Interest in a PSC service is most welcome and appreciated. Contact the PSC by email or call (309) 438-5629 if you have any questions, or to make a referral.

Number of Sessions

Total Cost ($30/session)

4 sessions


8 sessions (half of a semester)


12 sessions


16 sessions (a full semester)



PSC Clinicians

The PSC is a positive setting to get family members together in a kid-friendly environment where they see it is okay to get counseling.

I was able to help a little girl become more comfortable with telling her parent how she was feeling so that she no longer holds everything inside. She can express what she needs.

I am so excited about the counseling opportunities that are available; I could do it all day long; this is where my heart is at.