Student Participants

Some psychology instructors may offer course credit for participation in psychological research. Each instructor decides if an how much credit students may earn for research participation. Students should consult the course syllabus for details on whether and how much credit may be earn for research participation in a particular course.

Students will receive participation credit through the on-line sign-up system (SONA). Credit will be allocated to the course specified when the student signed-up for the study. Participation credit is awarded electronically in SONA. Instructors may generate credit reports for students in their courses to determine whether students have met the specified criteria to receive research credit.

Participation in research will help students learn about the research process and about important topics in psychology. Without students' assistance, much of the research by faculty and advanced students in the department would not be possible. We hope that students' participation will be a mutually beneficial experience.

The information below describes how students may sign up for research participation:

  • Review Instructions for Research Participants
  • Register for Psychology Online Participant System (SONA):
    • Review the SONA instructional video ( video ) Note: To log in to SONA, you need to have an account created for you. Accounts are created at the beginning of each semester for students enrolled in psychology courses that are using SONA. You should receive an email with your login information (check your 'junk mailbox' too). Your password is CAsE SenSitiVe so type carefully (or copy and paste from the login email). If you are enrolled in a psychology course that is offering credit for research participation and are unable to log in to SONA, please contact the SONA administrator Dr. Joe Hilgard.

Go to the lower level of DeGarmo Hall for many items related to student research, including:

  • The rooms where most psychology research is conducted *The Psychology Resource Center (PRC) Note: All research participation sign-up is now through SONA.