Psychology is a scientific discipline with a focus on the behavior of individuals. As a profession, psychology applies scientific principles to specific problems. Psychology has a unique approach to understanding behavior and working with people (or animals) to facilitate behavioral changes. The Department of Psychology at Illinois State University currently offers one major and two minors.

Advisement Before Advance Registration

Students are not required to consult with an academic advisor before registering for classes. Before registering for the summer or fall semester, students should check the department’s Advising page to review the Requirements for the Major in Psychology or Requirements for the Minor in Psychology, as well as the appropriate Undergraduate catalog for graduation requirements. Students are responsible for planning their semester courses; the psychology academic advisor will not tell students which courses to take. Advisement appointments should be scheduled before your assigned registration date for the upcoming semester. During registration, students will be seen on an appointment only basis.


Fall 2017 registration closes Sept. 1st.

Beginning Monday, Aug. 28th, a closed course override is needed to add any course that has started, even if you are just switching sections of the same course.

All online registration for Fall 2017 will end Sept. 1st at 10 pm. After Sept. 1st, all spring registration must be done in person, through the Registrar Service Center. Be sure to bring your ISU photo ID. During registration, if you need additional assistance, contact the Registrar Service Center in Moulton Hall to receive drop-in help as well as phone-in assistance at (309) 438-2188, 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday–Friday.

Additional Course Registration information